Amanita Muscaria Siberia

Amanita Muscaria is also known by the name Fly Agaric.

Medicinal Use

It is likely that the fly agaric was originally a ritual medicine. In Siberia, it was ingested to treat psychophysiological states of exhaustion. For snakebites, a fly agaric tea (a cold-water extract made from dried fruiting bodies) was massaged into the affected area of the body (usually the legs). This was said to neutralize the toxins.
In the nineteenth century, the fly agaric was used as a home remedy and was also prescribed by physicians as a medicine. It was used internally, for example, to treat epilepsy and fever and externally to treat ulcerated fistulae:
"It is officinal under the name fungus muscarius. Only the lower portion of the stalk is chosen... The fly agaric, in powder form (for which it must be dried as quickly as possible without destroying it), is administered internally (with care) in small doses (10 to 30 grains) against falling sickness, et cetera, and is sprinkled externally onto malignant tumors, gangrene etc. Meinhard gives a tincture to treat favus and other persistent eruptions." (W. Schneider 1974, 1:80)
In homeopathy, the preparation Agaricus muscarius is an "agent to treat complaints of the entire nervous system". Depending upon the symptoms picture, it used in homeopathic dilutions for problems associated with menopause, overexcitability, and bladder and intestinal cramps. One physician who frequently utilizes the mother tincture in his practice reported:
One portion (15-20%) of the patients I have treated with Agaricus muscarius had altered dreams during or after their therapy. Especially: dreams of flying with positive contents, dreams reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, and other pleasant experiences. In no case did nightmares occur although one must consider that the majority of dosages used in therapy are small. Even with higher dosages, on the following day the patients were normally found to be well and to exhibit a strong eagerness to work, without negative side effects or symptoms of hangover... Following the prescription of fly agaric, almost all of the patients exhibited increased motivation, improved mood, and improved mental and physical well-being. How again it is the dosage that determines that something is not a poison!" (Waldschmidt 1992, 67)

- p. 638, The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology and Its Applications by Christian R├Ątsch

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