About the Herb Museum

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We Are Now Open!

  • Open 5 - 11 PM everyday
  • BC Marijuana Party Building
     2nd Floor (above the BC Marijuana Party Headquarters)
     303 West Hastings Street V6B 1H6
     Vancouver BC
  • Parking available off of side alley, turn left off of Cambie Street north of Hastings.

    As Featured in Vice Magazine!

    Vancouver's Herb Museum is a one-of-a-kind collection of drug war and herbal medicine history.

    Located in the famous Pot Block of “Vansterdam”, the museum is home to 5 rooms of exhibits and more than 1200 artifacts from as early as the first century AD all the way to modern day. We are a non-profit society.

    Exhibits include:

  • Ancient Cannabis
  • Medical Marijuana (1720s to present!)
  • Industrial Hemp
  • Hallucinogens/Psychedelics/Entheogens
  • Opium
  • Coca
  • Non-Psychoactive Botanicals
  • Mushrooms of all varieties magical, medicinal and edible
  • Coffee, Tea, Tobacco & Chocolate

    Bring your own BC bud and burn while you learn in our Art Gallery Lounge- we have volcano vaporizers, bongs, bubblers and papers too. Local Cannabis and drug peace art decorates the walls, featuring local geniuses Ken Foster, Megan Allard, Dottie Locks, Dave Douglas and CC's Bob High.

  • Our first two rooms and art gallery are always completely free!
  • 1/2 hour in the Full Museum + Bubbler & Bong: $2.50
  • 1 hour in the Full Museum + Volcano, Bubbler & Bong: $5.00
  • Bring your own bud.


    Find unique Vansterdam postcards and psychedelic drug war prints in our giftshop, along with stoner essentials including locally made bong cleaner, wax smoking 'silly string', handcrafted cannabis jewelry, pipes, aphrodisiac chocolate bars and vintage drug war T-Shirts.

    The Herb Museum is also available for private tours:

  • Call us at 778-987-8349.
  • Write us at malmolevine@gmail.com
  • Join us on Facebook

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    The Herb Museum is curated by David Malmo-Levine, the Webmaster and main article researcher is Liz Goode, and assistant article researcher and main tour guide is Rob Callaway. Thank you to Guppy, Bert Easterbrook, and Kerri Pfeifer for exhibit and art photography.